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UEFA's Knowledge & Information Sharing Scenario (KISS) was launched in 2005 with the aim of enhancing professionalism within the 53 European national associations.

UEFA is seeking to help its member associations gain better working tools for their management staff, so enabling them to deal more efficiently with questions related to social and economic developments in football.

The KISS programme forms part of the HatTrick assistance scheme. It is administered by the National Associations division under director Theodore Theodoridis.

Critical challenges include television and internet rights, promotion of football events, management of supporters' clubs, stewarding and security, new ticketing strategies, partnerships with sponsors, and relations with the media.

UEFA's activies include:
• Seminars held at UEFA headquarters for the staff of national associations to develop and reinforce basic skills in management fields.

• Workshops hosted by national associations, bringing together several counterparts who share the same concerns and who strive to implement new practices.

• A customised online platform to reinforce the professional skills and knowledge of associations' staff through interactive presentations, videos, storytelling and exercises.

• Follow-up project management assistance to working groups involving a small number of associations who are tackling similar projects. These working groups are called communities.